Our Services

Exclusive Research

We conduct market research and financial modeling in order to assess potential biotechs for investment.


Real Time Stock Trades

We run a private fund of ~$130K in which we share real-time trades to subscribers through Telegram.

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Community Discourse

We have several community chats where subscribers can ask questions and make comments on trades, news, and more.


Weekly Wrap-ups

Our team assesses news and current events every week to synthesize into key takeaways for how the news and events may impact the stock market.

Stock Price Targets

Our exclusive research includes price targets for when to purchase an undervalued stock and when a stock may be overvalued.


Curated List of Stocks

We provide a curated list of stock picks so you can easily assess which stocks make sense for your portfolio.


Diligence Requests

We take research requests on specific companies for individual subscribers.