Demystifying Biotech.

Our Story

Our team has a unique background of biopharma consulting and finance. After years of working with biopharma companies, we leverage our industry expertise and strategy background to provide informed insights into biotech investing. We founded WX Capital with the hope of  providing affordable and digestible biotech research to the public, demystifying biotech and opening up new opportunities for those interested in learning more about this fast-growing and cutting-edge space.

We apply our own research when making investment decisions for our stock portfolio. Through these insights, we have consistently returned >35% annually using the same thorough approach we provided for our biopharma clients.

The Team

Qi Cao

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Qi has nearly a decade of experience in the life sciences industry, including startup management, business strategy consulting, and lab research. Before founding WX Capital, Qi worked in corporate development at Indigo Ag, a $3.5B startup that is leading the field of microbial-enhanced crops.


Prior to joining Indigo, he worked at ClearView Healthcare Partners, the leading boutique consulting firm for biopharma companies. During his time at ClearView, he worked on due diligence, opportunity assessment, and drug triage projects in the fields of rare diseases, medtech, and diagnostics.


While studying at Yale University, Qi founded Simplex Sciences, the sole provider of single-stranded DNA ladders to biopharma companies and academic centers. Furthermore, Qi completed a research project on the implications of alpha-synuclein in Parkinson's disease at the Yale School of Medicine. In addition, Qi also co-authored a paper in the Journal of Clinical Investigations on how chromosome instability drives tumorigenesis while at Mayo Clinic. Qi received his BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Sciences with distinction and cum laude from Yale University. 

Kurt has extensive prior experience in life sciences strategy consulting, medical device design, and wet lab research, with a particular focus on global access to care.


Prior to joining WX Capital, Kurt worked at ClearView Healthcare Partners, the leading boutique consulting firm for biopharma companies. While at ClearView, Kurt executed a range of projects including but not limited to corporate strategy, buy/sell-side due diligence, opportunity assessment, and global pricing and market access strategy, across a breadth of therapeutic areas including rare disease, oncology, large chronic disease, over-the-counter products, and diagnostics.


Kurt earned his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University, graduating with Honors and Magna Cum Laude. While at Brown University, Kurt engaged in extensive wet lab research focused on microfluidic point-of-care diagnostics, co-authored a literature review on the field of point-of-care molecular diagnostics, and launched and field-tested a low-cost prosthetic device design project.

Kurt Pianka

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Peter Zhou

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Peter is a life science professional with expertise spanning from bench research to strategy consulting within the biopharmaceutical industry.


Prior to joining the WX Capital team, Peter worked at ClearView Healthcare Partners, the leading boutique consulting firm in the healthcare space, where he delivered high-impact findings across numerous projects to help bring innovative therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics to market as well as support existing programs.


Peter attended Harvard College, where he earned his B.A. in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. At Harvard, Peter gained exposure to the biopharma industry through his coursework, which included lectures from the Senior Healthcare Advisor to the Obama Presidential Campaign as well as from co-founders of various biotechnology companies, such as Moderna, Intellia, and Gilead.


Peter also conducted extensive lab research in both academic and industry settings with several peer-reviewed publications.


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